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Remember when it was said, “The person with the most toys at the end of the game wins?” Well, in business today, the saying goes, “The company with the best ideas not only wins, but becomes the envy of all others.”

Today you don’t win with better shipping, better manufacturing, accounts payable or even products and services. You win with better marketing, because marketing is about spreading ideas — and ideas are now the very basis of competition.

Ideacats understands that brands and products don’t have the time to develop the “old fashioned way.” Ideas are critical because they start fast and spread fast — and speed wins.

We’re all hungry to understand what’s new and to remain on the cutting edge. Sometimes it takes outside resources to sift through the clutter and bring to the table new, creative and effective ideas or to just help guide the idea-generation process. Plus, you don’t always have the resources or the time it takes to come up with great ideas.

That’s where Ideacats can really help. Our “cats” can help you dramatically improve your chance for success. Let Ideacats be your idea source by:

  • Participating on internal collaboration, marketing or design groups or teams
  • Guiding creative teams to implement solutions consistent with the overall brand strategy
  • Teaming with staff on projects to offer an extra source for ideas
  • Helping your staff to expand and open up their own creative source
  • Creating effective identification for new products or services
  • Offering ideas on ways to better leverage your brands, products, and services
  • Acting as an additional resource to assist with specific issues or problem solving

If you can get people to accept, embrace, adore, and cherish your ideas, you win! Let Ideacats help you change the world. 




glowing table setting
Ideacats created an elegant atmosphere of glowing crystals for an upscale event with a superhero theme.


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